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Beyond The Ink is on the one hand a video serie of tattoo interviews with active people from alternative culture, lifestyle, music, art, sports etc. and on the other hand a web-magazine about all of this… And we’re still working on other projects to come!

It all started being frustrated not having a chance seeing in details musician’s tattoos when they’re on stage. And like musicians, there are a lot of people you notice are inked, but you can’t really tell what they have.

More than what they actually have, all the stories that drove us to get tattooed, to the artist choice etc. looked interesting and I wanted to launch a video serie about it. You can watch all these videos clicking there:

And comeback often, more will be published on a regular basis!

After that, I had the will to write short posts about those interviews, giving more references, putting more pics online, and also give news about the tattoo world and the tattoo culture

And finally, according to the Beyond The Ink name, It will not only be about tattoos but about Its culture in the broad sense of the term and also about alternative culture, lifestyle, way of life etc.

Hope you’ll enjoy it! And If you do, be sure the best support is talking about it and sharing the posts.

Feel free to ask whatever, send feedback, submit content etc. to contact(at)beyondtheinkmag(dot)com or through the form on the contact page.

Here’s the beginning of a new adventure!

Eric Estrade / Beyond The Ink 2015


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