Tattoos Are Not Illegal

It may seem paradoxical but tatooing is still forbidden in some countries. South Korea, despite being more open and developed than in the North, is one of these. But, as explained in the video onto, you can only use needles on the skin if you’re a certified doctor. This makes all uncertified people automatically illegal, so it is for tattoo artists.

Watching the video you can think it’s not that much enforced as the shop seems public and official.

Yet, there are frequents reminder: the 2014 Seoul convention, Ink Bomb Tattoo held by the very same Sunrat was interrupted and shut down by the police ->

This brings admiration for determination and courage Sunrat and all the tattoo artists in South Korea must have to change mentalities and get tattooing accepted in their country.

Short and pretty well directed documentary video from Vans Off The Wall web Tv you can watch here:


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