Miss Atomik Tattoo itw video


Miss Atomik is not only a French tattoo artist working in her own shop in Rennes but also one of the Rennes Tattoo Convention promoters for 2 years now.


Miss Atomik


By the way you have here the Rennes Tattoo convention trailer and another video where you can learn a little bit more about her through her longtime friend Mikael de Poissy:




This tattoo itw with Miss Atomik is the result of precisely what I call a fortunate meeting.
And what better place for a fortunate meeting with a tattoo artist than Mondial du Tatouage in Paris?

For once, she wasn’t working but actually getting tattooed there: excellent opportunity to ask her a few questions about her tattoos.

And excellent opportunity to make my very first tattoo interview with a tattoo artist! But this time not talking about the tattoos she does but the one she has on her body…

Discover how she managed to get her first tattoo as she was underage in the video on top

More on Miss Atomik: www.facebook.com/missatomiktattoo

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