Madchild Swollen Members Tattoo itw video

I won’t lie, I was really waiting for this one! As a big Madchild & Swollen Members fan I definitely wanted to meet the guys.
As usual, if you’re not as fan as me or even familiar with Madchild, here are two videos to get a little bit more into his universe before we start talking about tattoos.


So, Madchild is a Canadian hip-hop MC, part of the Swollen Members band. But, as many rappers do, he’s jumping from Swollen Members, his solo career and collaborations on other projects (one along many is Supreme Villain with Slaine from la Coka Nostra) 


As I told you, I wanted to ask him questions as a fan, and also as he’s pretty covered… And I couldn’t be more lucky to find him getting some ink before his show by Mario at Mala Fama: a pretty impressive piece with this lyrical assault AK47 on the skull


Madchild Skull

Despite the fatigue of the tattoo session, he was kind enough to answer my questions and I’m glad he did ‘cause It was more than interesting.

I can already say that I’ll have to release an extra video because he talked not only about tattoos, but about his personal life, how he came from punk to Hip-Hop and many other stuff.

Enjoy this first one and stay tuned for another dropping real soon! By the way Madchild has a brand new album “Silver Tongue Devil” out 7.24.15

More on Madchild: &

Special thanx for the additional footage to Flameball Productions

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