Stéphane – East Side Burgers Tattoo itw video

First things first, let me introduce East Side Burgers: this is the first ever 100% vegetarian fast food in Paris (looks like it’s still the only one). All the burgers, hot dogs, dishes are vegetarian or vegan. The restaurant started now three years ago and it’s located 60 Boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris, France.

Here you have two videos showing more about it:

First time I was there, it was both really cool and really good. And I noticed something more: some flyers for a hardcore show supported by the restaurant.

Knowing all the musicians that went there, and the special burgers created in collaboration with some bands, I wanted to do an interview with co-manager Stéphane and was sure we’ll talk about music.

Flyers by Pèir Lavit

Eastside Burgers 01

And I wasn’t disappointed! Even if he admits that he didn’t want a classic hardcore punchline, it didn’t stop him getting some band logos you can see in the video.

Eastside Burgers 02

And for the rest, some tattoos are a little serious, some other not like you can see on his thighs:

On one side a tribute to one of his favorite movie, The Warriors, with the crossed baseball bat and “Can you dig it”. On another side a funnier tattoo with a cat and the ACAB letters meaning here indeed All Cats Are Beautiful

Eastside Burgers 03

Eastside Burgers 04

You have more pictures of his tattoos below and you should definitely watch the video as you have here a passionate guy.

More: on East Side Burgers Facebook Page &


Eastside Burgers 05

Eastside Burgers 06

Eastside Burgers 07

Eastside Burgers 08

Eastside Burgers 09

Eastside Burgers 10



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