Pete & Lou Koller – Sick Of It All Tattoo itw video

Our parents keep telling the same thing: Only the bad people have tattoos and It kind of make it even cooler to us


For those who already have listened even briefly to hardcore, the following introduction may seem useless.

Well, if you don’t know them Sick Of It All is nothing less than a legend in this music: at the same time one of the firsts known bands worldwide, true pioneers and best scene advocates for decades: they are just celebrating their 30 years of existence through one of their usual nonstop tour all around the world.


We can indeed talk about the numerous records but in our opinion, the biggest Sick Ot Ill All strength is their live performances, pure energy on stage from day one and still today…
Being those legends, going through generations with the same passion years after years was enough to want them for that interview. But the band is also famous for something else: his logo, the Alleyway Crew Dragon, is one of the most tattooed by the fans… and even by people not knowing them at all!

montage tattoos

The very first one, pretty aged now, is on Lou’s shoulder (singer) and you can find it too on his brother Pete’s arm (guitar player). They make us discover a little bit more about this mythic dragon which is definitely not a gang logo despite what could have been said.

Alleyway Crew

You don’t want to miss this interview either you’re a big fan or you’ll discover them today!



montage Lou

montage Pete










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