Mondial du tatouage 2015


Fantastic venue, hundreds of top level tattoo artists, a prestigious jury featuring only legends, cool shows on the stage and a huge crowd, this sums up pretty much the 3 intense days I had at Le Mondial du Tatouage 2015!

The venue, Grande Halle de la Villette, was just perfect for that kind of event: big enough to host the numerous visitors and the more or less 340 tattoo artists (I told you hundreds!), with a big stage right in the middle and screens all around the place.  And you can also add the cool architecture with iron structure and the proximity to a subway station…

So this was definitely a fine set up event and compliments to Tin-tin and all his crew!

But what amazed me the most was without hesitation the extremely high tattoo level. Nothing but killer artists and killer work all around, in all the styles from all around the Globe. This was just insane!!

It’s pretty difficult to report the cool atmosphere, all the great meetings and good surprises of the weekend.

I made some video interviews that are coming up and I leave you with some pictures I took there… Once again difficult to sum up or being representative with a few shots. These are only shots I like.

Enjoy and hopefully see you next year Mondial du Tatouage!

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