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For this new tattoo interview video, if you don’t know Papa Roach, let’s go back 15 years ago… Nu metal is at his best and top melodic skate punk bands are Blink 182 and Sum 41. Somewhere between those two universes Papa Roach releases in 2000 their biggest hit making them famous:  Last Resort. Jacoby is already the band’s singer but has way less tattoos at this time. 15 years and 5 albums later, Papa Roach are still on the map succeeding in getting new young fans years after years.

Here’s the original Last Resort video (unfortunately lyrically cleaned) and a newer one from last year


Knukles 770

We met a really cool and relax Jacoby in Paris as Papa Roach were playing at Le Trianon during March 2015 and asked a few questions about his tattoos. He talked about his love for American, either in a traditional old school or with some new school hints. He loves heavy and thick lines that will get older in a better way. Even his only nearly Japanese one in the back is no exception and also has heavy lines.

montage Papa Roach

In the video he talks about his tattoos along the years, explains some et why he did NOT do the « koalified to party » his bandmates were getting in Australia…

Papa Roach will be back in France on September 15th & 16th in Lille (Aéronef) and Paris (Olympia).

More about the band: www.paparoach.com www.facebook.com/paparoach

Oh, we couldn’t let you without this killing Last Resort version by master Richard Cheese himself


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